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Are you looking for a  fully qualified hypnotherapist in Glasgow or further afield?
Johan is a very experienced hypnotherapist in Glasgow and has helped thousands of people achieve success with hypnotherapy in Glasgow and further afield  to achieve their goals. No need to look further for experienced hypnotherapists. . Just make the first step and contact us 


Johan will go the extra mile to help and support you and delivers results . Johan is warm and friendly . You might be feeling vulnerable right now but when you contact Johan  you are on your way to changing your life. Our fees are reasonable . If you are on a low income we can also offer a discount.

As well as hypnotherapy Johan is now offering BWRT

BWRT™ - what is it? BWRT™ is a cutting edge therapy for the twenty-first century. ‘BWRT™’ stands for ‘BrainWorking Recursive Therapy™’, created by one of the UK’s leading therapists and trainers.

It’s a ‘content-free’ process that doesn’t rely on a therapist saying the right things or discovering private information or personal secrets. In fact, all the therapist needs to know is what the client wants to be able to do, or to be able to stop doing.

Personal problems, fears, anxieties, even severe difficulties that have lasted for years can melt away almost as if by magic, and often in just a single session when working with a professionally registered BWRT™ Practitioner.

The therapy can even be carried out via the internet, so a lack of confidence, feelings of awkwardness or tight schedules need not be an obstacle to improving your life.
In a session, you are  guided to use just your own thoughts - without the therapist even needing to know what those thoughts are - in a special way to create a totally natural change that comes from within the  rather than from something the therapist says or does. All the work is done in a completely ‘awake state’ and doesn’t use hypnosis or any mysterious spiritual or religious ideas of any sort - it’s completely logical, practical and down to earth

Relax with our Sunshine Audio 
Not suitable for anyone with severe mental health problems or epilepsy
Hypnotherapy works
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It is hard to make changes or is it?

​We can help . From weight mananagement  in Glasgow to anxiety to phobias and much more!
By visiting this page you have given yourself a fantastic chance of success!
See below for conditions that we treat.

Conditions Treated with Hypnotherapy

 Weight loss Programmes Glasgow  Hypnobirthing   Phobias  Anxiety and stress   Overcome depression
 Fear of Public Speaking    Build confidence/Beat shyness  
  Beat insomnia         Fertility Treatment

 You can be free from your problems very soon  if you make an appointment now . Johan specialises in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) which involves hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)  Put very simply it helps you to change your thinking consciously and subconciously. CBH is a very powerful therapy which can really change your life for the better.

Why come to see Johan when there are so many Hypnotherapists in Glasgow ?
Johan delivers real results in a short space of time
Online courses also available

Alan Patterson
I went to see Johan in April after just 1 session with her I have not smoked since, I smoked 20 cigars a day and I can honestly say it was the best money I’ve spent.  My health has improved,  i would recommend hypnotherapy as it worked for me.  


Julie T from Glasgow
A friend suggested I look into weight loss programmes on offer here, and with an open mind, I signed up to the “Lose Weight With Gastric Band Hypnotherapy”.  It was the cognitive behavioural therapy element of the six week course that really appealed to me, and I’m delighted to report that after the first session, I felt a shift in how I viewed my relationship with food. I’m 36, and for the first time ever, I’m in control over what I eat.  This shift in perception has stuck. I’ve lost a stone and a half in 6 weeks.


Ed Dawson from Darvel  East Ayrshire
I smoked for over 25 years, along the way many failed attempts at quitting. Patches, gum, pills etc, I tried them all. Desperate to kick the habit I decided to try hypnotherapy. Over 6 months ago now I had my session with Johan. Having not had so much as a craving for a cigarette since then I am delighted. Without doubt the best £150 I will ever spend. Thank you. Ed Dawson. 
Update 2017: Its been 6 years since Eds session and he has never smoked since !

Elaine from Perth
I lost 4 stones on Johan's weight management programme and have never looked back. I am free from being in diet prison, so thankyou Johan

Johan has  the qualifications and vast experience to help you. She studied with the Internationally renowned
London College of Clinical Hypnosis and is a fully qualified hypnotherapist who has over 13 years of experience.

Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis (Distinction) Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis
 Practitioner Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy(Distinction)
Johan is a full member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis  and abides by their strict code of conduct
Johan has also passed a PVG check



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 We also have several hypnosis downloads . Click the link below to access them
Downloads available
Lose weight... Law of attraction.. Exercise Motivation,

The Wight Relaxation Room is now practicing from
The Consulting Rooms
34 West George Street Glasgow G2 1DA     

The Hypnotherapy Consulting Rooms in Glasgow
The Consulting Rooms





The Wight Relaxation Room is now practicing from
The Consulting Rooms
34 West George Street Glasgow G2 1DA                         

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