Pain Management Hypnotherapy in Glasgow

Are you suffering from chronic pain? Then this programme is for you !

The objective of our programme is to support you to find the resources to promote your own healing. To change the way you think and feel about your pain,To start challenging life and it's restrictions now This is difficult to do on your own and that is why we are here to advise,support and listen.

Pain is a very personal experience. No one but you can feel and touch your pain and only you live with your pain on a daily basis. Pain can have a huge impact on how you live your live.

However with understanding support and the use of gentle therapeutic tools ,you may be able to capture the best of life again.

How would it be to feel more at ease with your body To sleep more easily at night ,to lead a more fulfilling life,to cope more successfully with a social life,to have interests and hobbies. You know managing your pain better will let you live life again.

We will devise an effective individual programme for you that will involve deep relaxation and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, These are all tools that you will be able to use your self empowering you to make a difference

Stop suffering now and book an appointment to discuss how we can support you

CBT and Hypnosis Treatment

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