Discover new innovative virtual hypnopatch to stop smoking

Details of face to face sessions below. Also available as an online programme

Benefits of this programme
  • You will believe you have a virtual  nicotine patch and this  helps with the cravings for a cigarette with no side effects
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (change your thinking and associations with cigarettes)
  • Hypnotherapy to install healthy behaviour
  • Continued support

Here in Britain the use of hypnotherapy  to stop smoking has been acknowledged by the British Medical Association as the most effective way to stop smoking

Johan was asked by Cosmopolitan Magazine to take part in a lifestyle challenge where she was involved in helping Natasha from Glasgow to stop smoking . Natasha tried acupuncture which was not successful, then she was seen by Johan for Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy and has now become a non smoker.  So if you would like to stop smoking contact us today
  • Imagine what your life would be like as a non smoker. Picture it in your mind.
  • See yourself enjoying life as a non smoker. What  will you do with the extra money that you won’t be spending on cigarettes?. Maybe a holiday in the sun!
  • Imagine being able to go out for the evening and not have to constantly go and stand in the cold to have a cigarette and feel left out.
  • Imagine not having to go out into the cold at home when family members object to the smoke
  • Imagine yourself as healthier and fitter and being able to breathe more easily, take part in sports or even just run for the bus without getting out of breath.
  • Imagine living longer and being with your loved ones, not in a hospital bed suffering from a cigarette related illness.
Now you don’t just have to imagine it. It can become a reality with our programme..You can stop smoking

A high percentage of smokers fail with other methods whereas Stop smoking with Hypnotherapy has a high success rate.

So don’t wait another minute. Don’t just imagine being a non smoker. Book a smoking cessation hypnosis appointment today and become one !
One face to face session plus one follow up  session if required £85  
Includes 2 cds or audio downloads

Compare this cost to smoking 20 cigarettes per day for a year
Approx £3000

The follow up sessions can help with any issues that may cause you to smoke eg stress , anxiety etc. The sessions can also help you if you might use food instead so can help prevent weight gain. The sessions can help you stay off cigarettes

Contact to book an appointment, When it is booked all you need to do to confirm is to pay £50 below.  You will then be e-mailed a form to fill in and e-mail back . The balance is due at the first session.

48 hours notice required of cancellation, if not given payment will not be returned. If you do not attend session payment will not be returned
£50 deposit



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