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How to lose weight  with  Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis for weight loss/Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Session .

I think you'll agree when I say it's really hard to lose weight!

Or is it?
It turns out you can lose weight the easy way with hypnotherapy and dramatically increase your weight loss success  by 85% by doing one simple thing

It's as simple as taking part in one of our hypnotherapy weight loss programmes, either in person or online

What the real story?
Discover the real secret to weight loss with the best weight loss plan
Did you know your inner saboteur has been stopping you lose weight?
Has your inner voice been trying to tempt you to eat?
Does it say any of the following ?
  • You are stressed, just eat and you will feel better
  • You are bored , have something to eat
  • You have had a hard week you deserve food or alcohol
  • Don’t  waste food! There are starving people in the world
  • You have to be  full and totally satisfied
  • If someone offers me food I will take it as I don't want to upset them
  • If food is there eat it.
  • Clear the plate or it's a waste
  • You can't just have one
  • If you don’t stick to healthy eating completely  you have ruined it and you can always start again next week

How can you beat your inner saboteur?
You can change your hard drive !
Your subconscious is rather like the hard drive of a computer and just like a computer if it is not programmed properly it is difficult to lose weight permanently
You can beat your inner  saboteur which is essentially your inner programming that has been learned over time.
How can you actually do this ?
We can help change your programming by changing your thinking using hypnotherapy  for weight loss and Cognitive Behavioural Techniques

You will then only eat when physically hungry and stop when not hungry

 Heres the deal:


We offer 3  face to face sessions plus audios to work on at home.
The audios include:  Weight Control, Changing Unhealthy Programming, Relaxation and an audio that you listen to as you exercise to keep you motivated
Session One :  Identifying your inner programming discovering why you eat  when not hungry. eg
  • Comfort eating
  • eating when bored
  • not wanting to waste food
  • having to clear the plate
This is your inner programming learned over time. Hypnotherapy to create healthy habits

Session two : Change your inner programming .
We  help you re -programme your hard drive, changing the way you think about food so that you only eat when hungry and stop when not hungry. You will no longer comfort eat etc. Hypnotherapy to help change your thinking

Session three Hypnotherapy to re enforce your inner healthy programming, making it stronger
This session is also to help boost your confidence and self esteem
We also offer daily support through e-mail or text  if you need it
And thats not all
We can also offer a virtual gastric band session if you require it. This will also include an extra audio for adjusting the gastric band
How does the virtual gastric band actually work?
The idea is that it is suggested in hypnosis that you are going through a gastric band operation and your subconscious will accept that your stomach is smaller . No pain at all and you will lose weight more easily!
This can help you control how much you eat as your subconscious will be convinced that your stomach is smaller and you will eat much less
The virtual gastric band is also known as gastric band hypnotherapy or gastric band hypnosis
The best part?
We have kept the cost low see fees for details

Each step of the way you will feel amazing and more confident .

So wait no more contact us today to make an appointment
A questionnaire will be send to you..Once your appointment is made all you need to do to confirm is to pay £50 deposit, balance is due in cash at the first session.
The reason we ask for this payment is to exclude time wasters which I am sure does not apply to you. 48 hours notice of cancellation is required. If 48 hours notice is not given payment will not be refunded. If you do not attend appointment payment will not be refunded

Online Gastric Band Course

If you are short of time you can do the weight loss programme as an online course in the comfort of your own home
Lose weight easily and keep it off

Covers everything contained in the face to face sessions and includes all audios

All this for only £45

Followup to  weight loss programme
It is very important to do the follow up  to the weight loss programme to give you long term weight loss success. You wouldn't just go to the gym five times.
The sessions can be taken at times and dates to suit you
£40 per session

Downloads available
Lose weight... Law of attraction.. Exercise Motivation
Here are more details about the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Programme

The image on the right is Johan before weight loss . Johan was a typical comfort eater.

She has had a weight problem since she was about 12 years of age .Johan has probably tried every diet under the sun. She would try to  lose weight and then gain it back again and even more. Even when she was thinner she still felt fat and now knows that how you feel is all all about what is going on in your mind. Every day was a battle …what can I eat..what should I eat…well now I have had a biscuit. I have ruined it . I might as well finish the packet! 
It is only with the help of Cognitive  Behaviour and  hypnotherapy and Gastric Band Hypnosis that Johan gained control over her weight and no longer obsesses about weight and food. She also has the added problem of an under active thyroid , but after a short time dwelling on that and thinking she could not lose weight , she realised she could do something about it and changed her beliefs. Now Johan has a normal relationship with food only eating when hungry and for no other reason. She describes it as being set free from the obsession around food.

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