Stress at work

Report from the Hull Daily Mail : Teachers in East Yorkshire are resorting to painkillers to deal  with headaches caused by stress, pressure of work and monitoring. Pressure to achieve targets are pushing teachers to breaking point.

One teacher voiced her worries about teachers becoming addicted to painkillers. Some experienced teachers have even left the profession citing stress.

Some teachers are also suffering from insomnia and depression leading to increased use of ante depressant medication.

Increased stress is affecting the homelife of many teachers leading to stress at home.

Mike Whale, Hull branch secretary for the National Union of Teachers, confirmed members are feeling the pressure of Government-set targets.

What is the solution ?

Medication can offer short term relief, however not a good long term solution
Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy can help. You cannot always change your situation but you can change how you look at it.
Not all teachers would feel exactly the same , some as can be seen will be very stressed, some moderately stressed and perhaps some who just take it all in their stride

The situation is the same but it is how you view it that can result in what level of stress you suffer from.

How you view it is depend on your beliefs.
If they are unhealthy you will be more stressed.

The solution is to change your beliefs to healthy beliefs and then install them in your subconscious using hypnotherapy. 

We can tailor a programme to help you do this

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