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Karen from Bishopbriggs

My main problem has always been chocolate. Once I start I can't stop. In the past I had even eaten all the selection boxes I had bought for Christmas presents and had to buy more, but since going to see Johan for some aversion therapy I have not touched chocolate. This year I am absolutely sure I will not touch the selection boxes this year. Johan is so supportive . I can't thank you enough . I have been set free from my chocolate addiction and have lost two stones

 Debbie from Lanarkshire

 My goal was to be 16st or under by the time I went on holiday this year which would be taking me to my size 14 quite nicely...    I am writing to say that I am currently 16st 5lb! (1.5 stones lighter!) and although not exactly on target I am delighted with the progress !! I am sure I’ll have another lb or 2 away before I go!  Lots of my clothes are too big for me now and I can get into the dress I hope to get into! Although it Is way too tight and short just now, I can see myself getting closer to my size. Im just writing to say thank you! THANK YOU! For your support, assistance and encouragement, I am absolutely not finished on my journey – I have a long way to go and will book in with you for some more sessions in the not too distant future, but for now I wanted to let you know that I am doing great, I’m happy – and becoming more confident as a result too! 

Kind Regards Debbie 

Mel from Glasgow

Before starting the course with yourself I was very unhappy about my weight and knew I had to do something about it. I had tried previous weight loss program’s but could never stick to them or felt that they were telling me information I already knew and it was wasting both our times. I had nearly lost all motivation regarding losing weight as I thought I had tried everything!  I was a bit sceptical at first but thought I had nothing to lose in attending. I feel that attending your sessions has been one of the best things I have done. I learnt more information regarding foods, such as what foods are slow release, and the therapy itself has changed my way of thinking regarding foods and also what times I am eating them. I feel as if I have gained more confidence in myself, have gained motivation and can actually see myself in the future reaching my goal weight! I know I have a long way to go yet but I feel I can do it as a lot of the fattening foods I ate before I don’t even get the taste for now! I have also cut out the habit of eating food late in the evening or before I go to bed.  If I feel like I am going to eat just for the sake of it I think of my ideal outfit or listen to one of the CDs and I overcome the urge! The sessions for me are something I never knew existed and I am so glad that I have been able to attend them. 

Mary from Glasgow

I have had a problem with my weight for what seems like a lifetime and I was sick and fed up and at the end of my tether and I had tried everything else, so I thought might as well give hypnosis a go. I was really surprised as it was not like I thought it would be at all. I thought I would be totally out of it like it seems in the hypnotist shows, but actually I was aware but felt so relaxed. It was a lovely experience. I was given cds to listen to at home and was even more relaxed each time I listened to them. After two weeks I had lost 9 lbs and felt I hadn’t really tried at all. I was a chocolate fiend and didn’t even want chocolate, that is what surprised me the most.  The gastric band part was amazing , I felt like I was really there in the hospital, but no pain…Since having the gastric band I have lost 3st in 3 months. I have a way to go as I have another 4st to lose, but I have found it very easy to continue, one of the cds I was given can adjust the band if I need so that helps too. Thankyou Johan Sandra Davidson from AyrMy weight problems began after having my daughter. I put in around 4 stone while pregnant. I really did eat for two.  My daughter is now 22 years old so I can’t use that excuse any longer.Every time I went on a diet I lost some weight but then got fed up with it and would put it all back on and more.  My friend had tried gastric band hypnosis and lost 3st so I thought why not try it. At first I found it strange not to diet and was convinced I could not have possible lost any weight, but at the first weigh in I lost half a stone. I just couldn’t believe it was that easy. I am almost at the weight I want to be now and I know I will keep it off. I have my cds to listen to. I did have one week where I went a bit haywire and was also not listening to the cds, but as soon as I started to listen to them again I was was back on track. Thanks Johan, you are very patient and understanding. 

Amy from Glasgow

When Johan asked me to write a testimonial I was not keen but when she said I didn’t need to use my real name I thought what the hell. I have had a weight problem since I was about 8 years old when my Mum died . I think I probably started to comfort eat then. I put on weight and was a chubby child. At school I got bullied for being chubby, then I needed glasses and in my day the glasses were awful, so I then got bullied for being four eyes and fatty…At home I had no respite as my Dad was physically abusive……So I was pretty miserable throughout my younger years and teens…I found comfort in food …I eventually escaped home and met what I thought was a lovely man, but he turned out to be physically abusive too…Please don’t stop reading…things do get better….I eventually got the courage to seek therapy from a counsellor who helped me leave my husband… By then I was 28 stone in weight and thought I would never lose it. I had tried lots of diets but they never worked.. Then I looked on the internet and saw Johans website and thought why not give it a try. I am so glad I did as even after the first session I started to gain in confidence. I started to lose weight after two weeks I lost 10lbs. I had never mentioned my traumas in life to anyone in detail , but I felt so at ease with Johan  that it all tumbled out and what a relief….Through time Johan helped me realise that I was using my weight as a protection against a new relationship… and she helped me realise I didn’t need to do that any more..I realised I ate for comfort and I don’t need to do that any more, I have a long way to go but I know I will get there . Johan does go on and on about listening to the cds for long term results , but I think she is right as when I listen to them I am so much more motivated. If you are in any doubt about this hypnotherapy programme, don’t waste your life trying diets any more …just come here …you will never regret it and Johan is such a star and so kind , she is so encouraging and you never get a row like at slimming clubs . 

Wilma Davidson

Having come along last February for my first appointment I was full of enthusiasm thinking I was going to be hypnotised immediately that my stomach would shrink and I wouldn’t be able to eat very much. How wrong was I?   Now looking back I can fully understand your way of working and it shows in the success that I have achieved throughout 2012 having had several holidays yet approaching Christmas keeping the weight I lost off. My pattern for many, many years was diet from Jan to July lose my 3 stone or so & have it all on for Christmas/New Year. I was at every diet club and was a member of one for 17 years but didn’t want to go down that route again. I decided to contact Johan having researched online and felt her web site seemed very friendly and informative. After 1st visit I followed instructions exactly as she said, refused to weight myself and was pleasantly surprised at weight loss on my 2nd visit. The weight continued to come down steadily, however losing the weight was never real issue with me. Keeping it off is my problem.   I reached the weight I wanted by July so went my special holiday feeling fantastic. Enjoyed every moment of my holiday, not depriving myself of anything, came home, did not weigh myself as I normally would and would then have gone on the downward spiral. Just came home & got on with it, listening to my CDs and making choices which made me feel good. It is now approaching Christmas, I am going away for a weekend break this weekend just  HAD to go to buy new trousers. My size 14s which a few months ago I was delighted to fit into we’re hanging off me, so much so they were trailing the ground today and I was soaking wet! The lady in the shop said the size 12s were a bit baggy at the hips, would I to try the size 10s. I do think they are very generous sized, however I did take the size 10s, then had to buy them in 3 colours as I realised how much better I looked in trousers which actually fitted. So I have to say I do not weigh myself as I used to do, I also do enjoy my food, I now just seem to make the choices which makes me happy, and if I can be happy in myself this then affects everything else in my life. So I would love to recommend Johan to anyone thinking of trying this as a way of losing weight, as it will do more than that. I can honestly say she has changed my attitude to food, which also has changed my life. 

James from Ayr

I had been so fed up with my weight . I tried all kinds of diets. I even did an extreme one with just drinks and bars. The weight came off but I just couldn’t stick it. I had no life and as I am only 24 this was just not for me. Johans programme helped me sort out why I ate when I wasn’t hungry and thehypnotherapy really helped me stay motivated. I also started to exercise and that was just not me. I started the course at 19st and now I am down to 13st , nearly at my goal of 12st . I am sure I will get there as Johan is very enthusiastic and supportive, I go for follow up sessions every month so that keeps me going…Johan also has a great sense of humour, and makes the sessions enjoyable . 

Sharon MacDonald

I have had problems with my weight since having my daugher which was 5 years ago. I just can’t seem to control it. Before I was pregnant I was very slim, so I got very depressed about my weight and really was looking for a way to get back in control. My friend had been to see Johan and had lost 3 stones so I thought I would give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised that there was no diet. It was such a relief as I was dreading the thought of that. The programme taught me how to only eat when I was hungry and not for any other reason. Also I stopped eating all the food my daughter left on her plate. I discovered I really did not like waste but as Johan said I was just treating my stomach as a waste bin. I am happy to say I have lost 2 and half stones and am well on my way to my target weight. I haven’t felt so well in a long time and I  have so mch more energy. So thanks Johan 

Isabel McCartney

Like lots of other people, I tried every ‘new’ diet when they came out. I had enough tee shirts to open a shop. Yes they did work and I did lose weight. I knew the eating pattern and the healthy options but it was not enough and gradually the weight would creep back on. When I saw the advert for this I thought why not give it a go. I was a bit sceptical and imagined being put into a ‘deep deep trance’ and was a bit worried about this. It wasn’t like that in the least and found the whole experience to be very interesting and it made sense as it was very logical. The more the sessions progressed I began to realise all the faults that was stopping me achieving my ideal weight and it suddenly made a lot of sense where I have been going wrong, it was like a eureka moment!! I haven’t changed my eating habits very much but I now know how to eat less, simple!! I have at present lost 12lbs in six weeks and I am totaly delighted with this and it has not been a struggle in the least. I still have a way to go but I am not in the least worried about this and know I will achieve my goal. Johan puts you at ease and has a lovely manner and is interested in what you are saying. Keep up the good work Johan. 

Liz from Ayrshire

I have been a yoyo dieter all my life and was thoroughly sick of strict dieting then going off the wagon and eating everything in site. I love food and hate the thought of dieting , so when I heard about the hypnotic gastric band , I felt that this was the way to go. I was pleasantly surprised with the course. There was much more to it than I thought. It really helped me change my eating habits and more importantly it helped me to stop dieting and actually lose weight at the same time.  My confidence is much better too. I don’t shy away from going out now.  The gastric band session was really good and I now eat far less than I used to. I have now lost two stones and have one more to go and I truly expect to get there sooner rather than later. I am surprised at how easy it all was. And Johan is such a good support …thankyou so much Johan 

Tracy from West Kilbride

I heard about Gastric Band Hypnotherapy from a friend who had looked at it on the internet.I decided to give it a go. I have been on all kind of fad diets over the years and by week 2 gave up because I couldn’t  just stick to it. My biggest hurdle was coca cola. I drank between  two and three litres a day. I also really enjoyed chocolate and crisps. When I went for my first visit to Johan I got a shock at my weight and realised it was time to sort it out. I found the sessions relaxing and soon realised that my thoughts about food were starting to change. I started eating healthy foods which I had never tried before. On my first weigh in I had lost ten pounds. I was very pleased . I hadn’t touched coca cola or chocolate for two weeks . At the next session I had lost another eleven pounds. It just seemed to get easier as time went on. I listened to my cds every night as they reminded me why I was doing it. . My six week visit took my weight loss to twenty six pounds. I have now been doing this for ten weeks and I am pleased to say that I am feeling great. At the last session I lost another nine pounds taking my total lost to 35 pounds since end of January 2012 .I have changed my lifestyle thanks to Johan. I am in this for the long haul I don’t have a target . I will know I have reached my goal when I am comfortable with myself……….

Note from Johan…Tracy has a really good attitude and has made a commitment to herself to listen to the cds and do all the work..Tracy has made this programme work for her . Update : As of 9th June 2012 Tracy has now lost 4 stones…Congratulations Tracy!!! 

Kelly Anderson

This time last year like many years before that I was over weight and very unhappy. I have tried every diet you can think of and nothing ever worked. In march last year my friends asked me to join them as a group to try Hypno-gastric band therapy with Johan. Being desperate to lose weight I jumped at the chance. The sessions with Johan were fabulous it soon became apparent that it was all the bad habits I had picked up over the years that had prevented me from losing weight, discussing these habits and finding solutions to combat them helped me break them…ie before when I was out shopping I would buy  a “wee treat” to keep me going even if I wasn’t hungry, I can honestly say I have never done this since having the gastric band. If the thought comes into my head now I ask myself if I’m hungry, which I never am…so I don’t buy that “Wee treat”. To be honest being able to say no to doing things like that is much more satisfying than actually eating the bar of chocolate. The hypno-gastric band has changed my life…… not only have I lost 3 stone 7lbs so far but my confidence has also gone through the roof.  I can also honestly say I haven’t said “I cant have that” I eat what ever I want as long as I am hungry…although I do much prefer food that keeps my feeling full longer and eat on the whole a healthy diet. I would recommend the hypo-gastric band to anyone struggling to lose weight. Thank you Johan Note from Johan: Kelly has enthusiastically embraced the programme and as a result has had great success. Kelly Anderson looking amazing today Jan 2012

Eileen from Bearsden

I lost 10lbs between November 2010 and early August 2011 . I felt stuck as I still hit the biscuit tin  after my weekly weigh in  at the slimming club. I really needed to change my attitude to food.Hypnosis has really helped me so far . From early August 2011 until November 2011 when my sessions finished , I lost 16lbs and since then have lost another  3 and half pounds . I have not blitzed the biscuits since I started the gastric band course and I feel I have a much healthier relationship with food thanks to Johan and all her help and support . December 2011 update from Eileen Been to my last weigh in b4 xmas + have hit my goal of 10st 1lb. Could not have done it without ur help. Thanks a million. Best wishes for xmas and 2012. Eileen Low. 

Shirley from Glasgow

I would like to thank you for your help in helping me address my eating habits. After following your course I have lost about 1 and a half stones and after trying for a baby for a year and a half. I am now pregnant which I thank  you for… You helped me de-stress, relax but also helped me focus. What we didnt know when I last saw you is it’s TWINS! So you have helped me get the family I wanted and I know when they are born I’ll manage to lose my excess weight by following your advice and listening to my CDs. Many thanks again 

Friends Donna Wilson , Carol Edelsten, Lynda Hartness and Kelly Anderson , all from Glasgow

did the course as a group.Every time we came to the sessions we thought that we had not lost weight, because we didn’t feel as if we were on a diet. However we all lost weight every time. In six weeks Donna lost 1st 4lb , Kelly lost 9lbs, Linda lost 1st and Carol lost 1st 1lb. It’s a total change in the way  we think and feel about food. Our self confidence and self worth has also increased. It’s so satisfying getting into clothes that were previously too tight. It has changed our lives for the better! Johan comments that doing the course with either a friend or a group of friends or colleagues is a great way as you can all support each other as this group did.

Rachel McMahon from MotherwellAfter trying every diet under the sun and various herbal diet pills I finally stumbled across gastricband Hypnotherapy. As with all my new diet fads I googled franticly. I had hit an all time low with my weight and thought why not try hypnotherapy. Johan was lovely and really enthusiastic about her work which in turn rubs off on you. She genuinally seemed to care about me and my life, not like the slimming class who want your cash and push branded foods and magazines every week. I went as a pair with my friend and I know at times we over ran the session yet never once did Johan say anything or make us feel rushed. The best thing for me was I was no longer on a diet the basic principle behind it was eat when your hungrey and stop when you are no longer hungry simple why had I not done this before! The cognitive therapy was excellent and really help me understand why I over ate and how to overcome it now, and for years to come. In my first week I lost 8lbs wow, then my weight loss slowed slightly but in total over my 5 weeks I lost 1 stone 1lb fantastic and never on a diet. If your reading this because your thinking of giving hypnosis a try I can only say Yes Yes Yes, you will come away relaxed positive and lighter.

Moira from East Kilbride

Before I came to the Wight Relaxation Room for therapy I had tried Scottish Slimmers, but I found I was constantly thinking about food. The Gastric Band course with cognitive therapy has been much more beneficial. I have lost ten pounds in just under two months, which I believe is better than losing weight too quickly. I will continue listening to the cds, so that I will lose weight gradually and reach my target weight hopefully by spring. Johan has really helped me understand my beliefs in relation to eating 

Julie T from Glasgow

A friend suggested I look into the courses on offer here, and with an open mind, I signed up to the “Lose Weight Glasgow With Gastric Band Hypnotherapy”.  It was the cognitive behavioural therapy element of the six week course that really appealed to me, and I’m delighted to report that after the first session, I felt a shift in how I viewed my relationship with food.   I’m 36, and for the first time ever, I’m in control over what I eat.  This shift in perception has stuck.  The classes helped me to work out what my particular triggers are, and together with Johan the hypnotherapist, we came up with strategies to stop me from carrying on a lifelong pattern of unhealthy eating. For the first time ever, I’m losing weight.  And it’s been in a thoughtful and supportive environment.  Overweight people aren’t stupid: you don’t need to be told for the 100th time, eat less and exercise more.  Instead, this course gives you space to consider why you got to this point, and helps to retrain your brain and body’s reaction to food.  I thoroughly recommend it.  I am confident this is a life changing course.   Oooh, and my GP is also delighted with me!   I’ve lost a stone and a half in 6 weeks.


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