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Fearne Cotton has just had an amazing hypnobirth.  Read here about her amazing experience with hypnobirthing
Dawn Rodens birthing experience

Four Session  Hypnobirthing Course

The main hypnobirthing programme consists of four one to one sessions for you and your birthing partner. You can start sessions from around 16 weeks onwards. The main programme consists of three sessions each two hours long. You would then have another two hour session nearer your due date . The sessions  can be held at times and dates to suit you.Sessions are very relaxed and informal.

It is better if your birthing partner can come to all sessions but if that is not possible the course will still be beneficial. If you do not have a birthing partner the course can still benefit you.
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2 Session  Hypnobirthing Course

If you are short of time you can also do  two sessions where you learn about the breathing techniques, hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques to make your labour more comfortable.


Agenda for Hypnobirthing in Glasgow 4 session one to one course

  • Deep Relaxation Techniques to use in whatever position you may chose in your labour
  • Cognitive Behaviour therapy to change any unhealthy beliefs you have
  • Hypnotherapy to promote deep relaxation during labour
  • Massage Techniques to help you feel calmer and block pain signals
  • Breathing techniques to help you stay relaxed and can shorten length of labour
  • Explanation of how being relaxed can help your labour
  • Ways to help empower you to deal with any eventuality in your labour/
  • Assertiveness training
  • Stress management training
  • How to have a calmer more empowering birth
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Audios for mother and birth partner
You are welcome to come along for a consultation if you are not sure about Hypnobirthing
You are very welcome to come along for a consultation to help you decide. You will learn more about the programme

Contact to arrange the session cost £30 

If you do not turn up or give 48 hours notice of cancellation the payment will not be refunded

Baby Massage
Johan also offers baby massage . The course consists of 4 sessions and can be taken any time after your baby is 6 weeks old
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We  have several hypnosis downloads . Click the link below to access them

Downloads available
Lose weight... Law of attraction.. Exercise Motivation

Johan with Owen, her beautiful hypnobirthing grandson.Johan’s aim is to help you and your baby have a wonderful birth experience. Having a baby is such a beautiful and momentous  experience.This is such a special magical time in your lives and Johan would love to make it even more special and wonderful for you. Johan has been running hypnobirthing classes in Glasgow since 2003 and is a very experienced hypnotherapist. She had originally trained in the Mongan Method of HypnoBirthing but for various reasons decided to develop her own very successful programme.

Johan was present at the birth of her grandson.  Johan had taught her daughter Lee- Anna hypnobirthing techniques and Lee-Anna had a great birth experience with no drugs.

Hypnobirthing the UK Way is a programme which will only ever be taught by hypnotherapists qualified to at least Diploma level. Johan  strongly believes it is extremely important to be taught by a therapist with at least diploma level qualification in hypnotherapy. Johan has a very strong belief that only hypnotherapists should teach a hypnotherapy programme.


E-mail or phone 07984 428 741 to check availability for Hypnobirthing Glasgow

When your appointment is made all you need to do to confirm is to pay £50 deposit  at fees page with balance due in either cash or cheque at first session

48 hours notice of cancellation is required. If 48 hours notice is not given deposit will not be refunded. If you do not attend appointment deposit will not be refunded

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