I agree it's really hard to beat depression.

Or is it really?

It turns out that you can dramatically increase your chances of beating depression by taking these four easy steps

Step one

Recognising depression increases your chances of beating it .

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you only see the negative aspects of loss or failure?
  • Do you the think of other losses and failures you have experienced?
  • Do you feel that you can’t help yourself?
  • Do you only see pain and blackness in the future
  • Does everything feel hopeless
  • Do you withdraw into yourself and withdraw from help
  • Do you indulge in unhealthy behaviours such as drinking excessively?

If you answered yes to the one or more of the above questions, then you are likely to be  depressed.

Features of depression:

  • low mood
  • reduced attention and concentration
  • feeling guilty and worthless
  • lowered self esteem
  • reduced energy
  • feeling the future is just bleak,  leading to hopelessness
  • changes in weight
  • sleep disturbance


Step Two

Recognising your inner subconscious programming ( your unhealthy beliefs) can increase your chances of beating depression
Some people think that events and situations cause depression but it is actually our beliefs about the  events and situations that can cause depression.
Take ten people who attend a job interview. Only one person gets the job.

The ones who fail to get the job can have a variety of reactions

  • Some may be neither up nor down
  • Some may be very disappointed
  • Some may label themselves a complete failure and think its the end of the world
  • Some may think that they will never succeed and think of themselves as a complete failure.

The first two reactions are normal but the people with the last two reactions are likely to have unhealthy beliefs and could suffer from depression
What are unhealthy beliefs?
They are the demands we make on ourselves, the world or other people. They are the shoulds , the musts, the have to's. They are inflexible, unrealistic beliefs and don't help.
The  person who gets depressed is likely to have a variety of shoulds , musts and have tos.
 eg. They may have the unhealthy belief "I have to get this job, if I don't , its the end of the world , I cant stand it and I am a complete failure.
The result of having that belief in their subconscious is depression.

The people who are disappointed or neither up nor down will have healthy beliefs.

Step Three

Changing your unhealthy beliefs to healthy ones can dramatically improve your mood and help beat depression
Once your subconscious unhealthy beliefs are identified, then you can change them to healthier beleifs which will result in healthier thoughts, feelings, behaviour and symptoms

Healthy beliefs are flexible, logical, realistic and help you

They are the prefers, would like tos  

Remember the unhealthy belief :
I have to get this job, if I don't , its the end of the world , I cant stand it and I am a complete failure.
The healthy version of that belief would be :
I would have liked to get the job but accept I didn't, I might feel disappointed which is bad but not the end of the world I can stand it, I am a worthwhile person whether I got the job or not.
This would result in feeling healthily sad which would be a normal reaction and that person would not get depressed

Step Four

 At this stage you know that the healthy belief makes sense but you don't necessarily believe it yet
This is the step that makes the real difference and can dramatically reduce depression

To make any difference the healthy belief needs to be installed into your subconscious programming, but how do you do that?
The answer is hypnosis and that is when you contact Johan to find out how to master this step
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