Free yourself from phobias with Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH)

Definition of  phobias
A phobia is defined as an irrational fear of a particular situation, organism or object. The fear continues even though we can rationalise it and tell ourselves not to be afraid 

With most phobias an event in our past is the most likely cause. It is not usually consciously known to us, however our subconscious mind is aware of the cause.

eg Fear of Flying 

An event in the past  such as a child such as accidentally being shut in. The fact of being shut in could cause someone to feel as if they have no control and this could create a belief about always having to be in control.

“ I must be in control and be able to get out.
This subconscious unhealthy belief about that event is created at the time of the event. 

Later on in life when that person is in a situation such as flying, where they don’t have control and cannot get out will trigger the unhealthy belief,

“ I must be in control and be able to get out “

This belief causes anxiety

Unhealthy beliefs cause unhealthy thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Unhealthy beliefs tend to take the form of musts, should and have tos.
Unhealthy beliefs are inflexible, are not realistic, don’t make any sense and don’t help you get to your goals.

Healthy beliefs are flexible, they make sense, they are  realistic and help you get to your goals


CBH is a structured process that involves discovers your unhealthy beliefs, challenges them and changes them to healthier beliefs, which results in healthier thoughts, feelings behaviour and symptoms

 Hypnotherapy is a powerful addition in that it weakens the unhealthy beliefs and strengthens the healthy beliefs.  Results can be achieved in a relatively short time.

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