Fear of Public Speaking Course Glasgow and Online

 This programme can also help if you have a fear of public speaking, presentations at work, wedding speeches etc

Overcome anxiety whether performing on stage or making a presentation at work, wedding speeches. This programme can help  with all kinds of public speaking fears and anxieties

Not everyone suffers from performance nerves/stage fright So why do some people suffer?

The answer is in how they view the situation

Take 100 people who  have to perform on stage, speak in public , make a wedding speech etc 
  • Some might be excited about public speaking with the right amount of adrenaline to do well
  • Some might be anxious about public speaking
  • Some might be so stricken with stage fright  they avoid the situation
The different reactions are caused by subconscious beliefs and because they are in the subconscious we are unaware of what they are

The solution to changing from anxiety to the right amount of adrenaline is to change these subconscious beliefs. You can change them in  3 easy steps using our online programme

Step One

Pay for and download the programme . Cost of online programme £45

Click here to take you to fees page

Includes 2 downloads , all the e-mail support you need 

Once paid you will be directed to a secure page where you will have access to the programme and downloads
If you require extra support a hypnotherapy session in person or online can be arranged for you. You can purchase this at a cost of £20

Step Two

Identify your unhealthy beliefs with the help of the instructions in the notes and then change then to healthy beliefs that will help you feel better.

Step Three

Install the healthy beliefs into your subconscious using  the Healthy Belief Audio Download

More detailed instructions are contained in the notes

The other audio is to help you relax 

You are on your way to overcoming performance nerves, public speaking anxiety and stage fright in Glasgow and further afield

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