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  • Are you anxious at the thought of attending social events ?
  • Would you like to be more confident and actually go to the party instead of declining the invite?
We can help you feel more confident.

Subconscious beliefs play an important part as to how we feel. 

Beliefs can be healthy or unhealthy

Unhealthy beliefs create unhealthy thoughts feelings and behaviour
Unhealthy beliefs are rigid, unrealistic and don't help you
They are the must , the shoulds the have tos eg People should like me

Healthy beliefs create healthy  thoughts feelings and behaviour
Healthy beliefs are flexible, realistic and help you
They are the coulds  and prefers
Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy
is a therapy that uncovers your unhealthy beliefs, challenges them and then changes them to create new healthy beliefs.
adds a new powerful dynamic that strengthens your healthy belief and weakens your unhealthy belief.

How to change

We can help you uncover your unhealthy beliefs and change them to healthy beliefs. This will help you to feel more confident.

Don't wait another minute

Contact us for more details on treatment . We have the experience ,knowledge and skills to support you to start making these changes in your beliefs -  So let's change that right now

We  have several hypnosis downloads . Click the link below to access them

Downloads available
Lose weight... Law of attraction.. Exercise Motivation

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