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During sleep our bodies recharge,we are nourished and rested . Our minds replay the events of the day processing and filing them for a fresh new start in the morning .

However not all of us have this luxury. We have difficulty falling asleep . We wake up early, We are tired, cross ,foggy thinking and physically aching.

Sleep problems are very common, 30% of the adult population at any one time are affected Sleep difficulties are particularly common in woman, children and those over 65 (50%)

People vary greatly in their need for sleep. There is a popular idea that we need 7-8 hrs sleep. This is not true as many studies show that people's ideal sleep ranges between 5-10 hours per night.

Sleep has different stages,varying from light to deep sleep. It is believed there are 5 different stages. Broadly sleep is divided into what is called REM (rapid eye movement ) and non-REM sleep. REM sleep occurs several times during the night and is when most dreaming is thought to take place. Non REM sleep is divided into 4 stages,each stage being a bit deeper,almost like a stair case of sleep.During the night whilst asleep,people go up and down this staircase many times and in fact wake up several times

Why good sleep improves your life

  • Your ability to manage Stress/anxiety is more effectively when refreshed by sleep.
  • General mood is uplifted as the mind has had more time to process the previous day's activity and feels more calm and rested following good sleep
  • Better weight management strategies as the refreshed mind is less likely to demand excess calories to keep awake.
  • Physically the body is more active ,the mind more motivated
 How can the pattern of poor sleeping be broken?

How can you reach a state where you positively look forward to comfortable sinking into your comfortable bed and falling into a deep sleep !

Help is at hand .We have developed a programme that will inform you and will enable you to put various sleep techniques into practice at the end of the day to support you to have a glorious comfortable nights sleep

Sleep health can be incorporated into all our programmes or used specifically for insomnia

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